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Viktoria Fortune

Starting out at Motion Pictures Ltd wayyyy back in early 2000 I have extensive experience in both live action and animation production.

I love working as part of a team and I enjoy the fast pace and challenge of meeting budgets and deadlines, whilst vitally maintaining a sense of humour on the job.

Naturally rather convivial, I like dealing with talent, so am often employed as talent coordinator.

I like variation, so aside from TVCs I have also spent time on local TV productions, allowing me to see another side to the industry. I have appreciated this experience, working with some awesome people who have educated me to the different approach, allowing me to further develop my skill set.

I spent years producing animation at Cirkus NZ for both local and global clients and have done some local stills producing also.

I like learning on the job - each one is totally different - and I am always keen to give it a go, which makes the wide world of production my perfect role.

Oh, and I can make a good coffee and LOVE a spreadsheet!