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Myk Farmer

Since leaving University in 1979 I have been consistently employed in Sound Recording work. From
1979 - 1982 I was employed at Radio Pacific starting with on air production then becoming
responsible for the producing of recorded programs and commercials. I left there in 1982 to join
Genesis Sound Studios which was associated with a video production facility. I was involved with
the design and building of their new studios becoming a full time engineer with them after this.
During my time as an engineer I was involved in location recording for TV commercials and
documentaries as well as the post-production of these programs. In 1984 I helped design and build
new studios for Echo Park Studios and in 1987 became Manager. In 1989 I joined Television Projects
in Melbourne -Australia designing a new video and sound post-production facility for them
returning at the end of 1989 to pursue a freelance career in location film and TV sound both as a
sound recordist and as a boom operator.