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David Steel

I have worked in the camera department since 2007, working on a range of projects from TV series,
feature films, commercials and music videos. I have worked with a wide range of formats and cameras
from 16mm, 35mm, Large Format, Sony Venice, F65/55, RED Monstro / Epic, Panavision DXL2,
Genesis, Arri Alexa, Amira and Mini LF, Pace 3D cameras, Phantom, Varicam and Canon. I have worked
throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands in some incredible and challenging environments. I
am experienced in Steadicam, Movi / Ronin gimbals, underwater filming, rigging cameras on to cranes,
cable cams, tracking vehicles etc. I also spend a lot of my time studying the cameras and its accessories,
so I can be on top of my game when working in all sorts of environments.