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Carron Wells

I am a qualified Hairdresser and Makeup Artist, graduating with qualifications from
the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London and Studio White Jet Makeup in Tokyo. I am
highly experienced in ensuring that models, actors and presenters have suitable
wardrobe, makeup and hairstyling before they appear in front of a camera or an
audience. I am a passionate team player and enthusiastic contributor. I have great
empathy with people and thrive on finding solutions to problems as they arise.
I have gained my life skills through consistent practice and sheer diligence and revel
in new challenges. With extensive experience in makeup artistry, hairdressing and
wardrobe styling I have developed a transferable skill-set in film, TV, advertising, retail
and wedding creative services over the past 25 years.
In my latest role as Director of My Hair & Makeup, I managing a team of pro stylists
offering mobile hair, makeup and wardrobe styling to clients in various industries.