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Bridie MacInnes

Bridie MacInnes is a dedicated 2nd AC in the film industry, who has worked on various productions, including high-budget feature films, music videos, and TV commercials. Her exceptional skills in the camera department have been praised by industry veterans like Jymi Best and Bevan Crothers.

Apart from her role as a 2nd AC, Bridie has 5 years experience working as a stills assistant where she has worked with high-profile clients such as Steven Boniface and Ross Brown of Match Photographers, and Chris Sissarich of Loupe Agency, to name a few. Through this she has gained a good understanding of light which has led her to gaffer the 'Fire Bird' TVC for the Royal New Zealand Ballet. So you can trust she has an eye for light and hard work. She completed her Master of Design (Merit) and Bachelor of Photographic Design (First Class Hon) at CoCA, Massey, in Wellington, which is no small achievement.

Bridie's interest in hiking and trekking means she won't shy away from a physical challenge, making her an absolute must for those remote location shoots. Book Bridie today before someone else does.