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Ant Nevison

I have been involved in many aspects of Sound recording for 30 years.
I originally trained as a music engineer in London (Battery studios) and Auckland
I built and co-owned Incubator studios for several years.We recorded many albums and
soundtracks including several number one hits , gold and platinum albums.
I was a member of the band The Headless Chickens from 1989 to 1993 and recorded and
played on the platinum album “ Body Blow” amongst other sessions.
Since leaving the band I have been scoring music for film and television projects and have
over 40 credits.
I started my freelance location Film and Television career in 1990 and have worked on a
wide variety of projects, including Documentary, Drama and Commercials.
The last 10 years I have been dividing my time between the studio as a post production
engineer.(ADR,Foley and Mixing )and Location recording. I mix many of the shows I do
location on.
I have over 80 Documentary and countless Tvc’s,and Drama credits to my name.
I believe that having an in depth understanding of the workflow process from acquisition
through to the final mix makes me a valuable person to have on your crew.