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Lorna Butler

With my extensive international experience in the industry working in London, NYC,
Paris, Germany, Dubai, Chicago and Sydney I consider myself extremely diverse with
many tools, tricks, tips and knowledge in my backpack from many a mentor.
I love people interaction and the diversity each job offers worked with many nationalities
and skin types from light to dark, young to old and love a challenge.
I’ve also worked in extreme climates from the baking hot deserts suns in the middle of
summer time in Dubai to midwinter stormy snow falls on top of the Swiss Alps.
A fond memory was working in Chicago on ‘The Oprah show’ the intense hype of the
audience was insane oh and ‘Playboy’ but we can talk more about that over coffee.
With my open hearted, grounded personality I deliver a calm ethos while on set, I work
effectively under pressure with given time frames solving problems should they arise.
The added advantage is my multiple talents with previously owning a salon I can cut hair
for men and woman, also colour hair if required, male grooming, do make up and onset
styling as I produced a collection under consignment in NYC.
I’m a one-stop-shop who was born to be on set….