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Jess Charlton

Jess is an experienced camera operator and DOP who has been working in drama and documentary for 13 years. Her journey in the world of visual storytelling has been marked by a passion for capturing compelling narratives with precision and creativity.

A dedicated team member, Jess not only brings technical proficiency to her roles but also infuses her work with enthusiasm and sensitivity. Her keen eye for detail and commitment to the craft have contributed to the success of numerous projects, establishing her as a respected professional in the industry.

In addition to her expertise behind the camera, Jess is a skilled drone pilot and gimbal operator, offering a versatile set of tools to elevate productions. Whether flying solo or as a member of a drone team on larger projects, Jess's aerial skills add a dynamic dimension to her storytelling capabilities.

From capturing the emotional depths of dramatic scenes to authentically documenting real-life stories, Jess's work reflects a commitment to excellence and a genuine love of her craft. As a trusted collaborator, she continues to bring cinematic vision to life, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving world of visual storytelling.