Ande Schurr
Sound Recordist with equipment
I want to give you an experience where you don't have to think about sound. Be it a documentary, feature film, ad-libbed comedy, TV commercial or VR surround-sound location shoot, I will bring the right gear, with a caring, hard-working work-ethic to put you at ease. Please check my website for more details.
Vermilion (FF) Director: Dorthe Scheffmann. Producer: Nik Beachman, Michele Fantl Starring: Jennifer WardLealand, Theresa Healey.
Staples (VR), Deloitte CyberIntelligence marketing videos (recorded in Tokyo, Singapore, Delhi)
Hunt For The Wilderpeople (FF) Director: Taika Waititi. Producer: Carthew Neal, Leanne Saunders, Matt Noonan. Starring: Sam Neill, Julian Dennison.
Animal Planet, World Wide Vet: Presentation shoot in Fiji with Bondi Vet, Dr Chris Brown. Director Mike Aho, Producer Lyle Smith.
Born To Dance (FF) Director: Tammy Davis. Producer: Leanne Saunders, Dan Story, Jill Macnab. Starring: Stan Walker, Kherington Payne. Choreographer Parris Goebe
Housebound (FF) Director: Gerard Johnstone. Producer: Luke Sharpe. Funding: NZ Film Com. Starring: Morgana O’Reilly, Rima Te Wiata, Cameron Rhodes, Ryan Lampp
Orphans & Kingdoms (FF) Director: Paolo Rotondo. Producer: Fraser Brown (Flying Fish/NZFC ‘Esculator’ support), Starring: Colin Moy
Fantail (FF) Director: Curtis Vowell. Producer: Sarah Cook. Funding: NZ Film Com. Starring: Sophie Henderson, Jarod Rawiri, Stephen Lovatt
‘Bear Grylls, Get Out Alive’ NBC. Director: Matt Valentine. Producers: Tom Shelly & Doug McCallie (shot on location in Wanaka, NZ)
Drugs Inc., National Geographic. Wall To Wall Media Ltd (UK). Director: Krishna Govender. Producer: Minna Sedmakov. (The most popular crime documentary series ever for Nat Geo)
Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet: NZ-Special documentary series including Cruising For Kakapo. Director/Producer: Barb Ustina. Camera: Brian Marlow. *reference below (Top 10 Lonely Planet docos of 2010)
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